Who We Are


InSolPark, Inc. (ISP) is a California C Corporation that was established to become a major player in the renewable energy, sustainable and clean-tech business markets in the US and Europe.

InSolPark was founded in 2009 by Daniel Hoffmann and Juergen Habermeier. The team has broad professional experience in the management of global corporate entities, technology, project management, risk management, and structured finance in an executive or advisory capacity in the US and internationally. In 2013, InSolPark augmented its capability by adding Tom Machinchick to the team.  He brings significant experience in operations and finance, information technology, and energy and energy economics. With its senior management team rounded out, InSolPark is marked by significant diversity of business experience, enabling them to create resourceful and dynamic solutions in all client engagements.

Triple Bottom Line Sustainability – The Driving Principles

InSolPark’s ultimate goal is to contribute to a more sustainable future. Its business ventures and engagements take a long term outlook that sets sustainability concerns with economic practicality at the forefront of its decision making process. InSolPark’s management team holds unique perspectives that, when mixed with the clients’ goals, drive exceptional sustainability results for all stakeholders.


It is from this basis that InSolPark germinated the belief that sound asset management, based on the Triple Bottom Line, will be the key to the long term growth, and further acceptance of renewable energy and sustainable ventures. With its thorough understanding of global investing and sound financial management, InSolPark aims to provide its clients with strategies and mechanisms to understand and manage risks, elevate asset values, and drive maximum returns while maintaining the three pillars of sustainability. InSolPark seeks to leverage its extensive international business relationships to creatively bring together profitable partnerships that serve to disrupt long standing market dynamics.


History of Services


ISP began as a developer of solar PV rooftop systems on commercial real estate, feeding the generated power into the grid under a power purchase agreement (PPA) with the prevailing utility. Using an innovative capture approach and an astute financial model, InSolPark gained leveraged access to real property owners, utilities, and the regulatory community who are instrumental to success in this field.

Since inception, InSolPark has creatively adapted its business model to better position itself for long-term success in the highly fragmented and rapidly evolving renewable energy/clean tech market. As a result, InSolPark has collaborated with a wide variety of stakeholders, and secured a deep understanding of the renewable energy markets in the US and internationally. Some examples of these stakeholders and market participants include:

  • Real estate owners
  • Project developers
  • Financial entities
  • Renewable energy technology and service providers
  • Panel and module manufacturers
  • Ancillary (renewable energy supporting) technology providers
  • Utility industry participants and representatives
  • Regulatory entities such as the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC), and the California Independent System Operator (CAISO)

Access to these stakeholders along with prescient market insights have allowed InSolPark to participate in a highly diversified a stream of projects.

Recognizing market shifts that resulted in changes to the issuance of PPAs by the utilities in California, and realizing the critical need for financing of renewable energy projects of all kinds, InSolPark pivoted its business model to become a financial consultancy and investment intermediary. This transformation successfully allowed access to developers, renewable energy technology providers (e.g. panel manufacturers), and other market participants who seek financing to complete new projects, or purchase existing ones. It also allowed InSolPark to develop creative solutions beyond the standard financing approaches that were common in the industries it served.  InSolPark’s reputation of being a reliable partner permitted expansion into engagements that address the financing needs of a diverse set of clients and programs - including ancillary renewable energy technology and other areas where creativity in financial structuring is sought.

2014 and Beyond

InSolPark has capitalized on its ability to anticipate trends that present unique opportunities for future growth and expansion. One such market dynamic recognized by InSolPark is the aging of solar fleets around the globe, and the subsequent degradation of their performance for a wide variety of reasons. The end result for owners, investors, and operators of solar PV plants is that ROI is suffering, and plant values are plummeting - potentially making them stranded assets. With multiple gigawatts of global solar generation facilities heading toward this critical 5 to 10 year operational time period, InSolPark is determined to step ahead of the market once again.    

InSolPark researched all of the available options for a viable retrofit solution, and found a known, patented, and bankable technology that optimizes the energy output of operating PV plants. The technology helps to maintain operational and financial performance, and overcome the age-associated mismatch that all PV plants encounter. Case studies of this technology operational in the field have proven to harvest double digit power production increases for the remaining life of the project. 

Coupled with this innovative technology, InSolPark has devised “TheSmart Optimized Asset Retrofit (SOAR) Program”; an end-to-end turnkey solution that brings plant assessment, technology upgrades, real time module level monitoring, and  financing to owners of underperforming PV plants - effectively increasing the asset value of the PV plant, and maximizing ROI, without a large upfront financial outlay.

The SOAR program capitalizes on nascent and growing trends in the energy and energy efficiency markets - including minimized up-front costs through easy finance options, bankable cloud based assessment tools, intelligent real time analytics that provide the data necessary for ongoing performance monitoring and failure notification. In short, sustainable PV asset management.

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​​InSolPark is committed to optimizing your Solar PV assets for maximum generation efficiency and superior long term return on your solar investment.