​​InSolPark is committed to optimizing your Solar PV assets for maximum generation efficiency and superior long term return on your solar investment.

Founded in 2009, with its beginnings as a developer and financier of commercial Solar PV rooftop systems, InSolPark has capitalized on its ability to anticipate trends that present unique opportunities to disrupt long standing market dynamics. One such dynamic is the aging solar fleets around the globe, resulting in underperforming PV plants. Having identified a known, patented, and bankable technology that optimizes the energy output of operating PV plants InSolPark and its partners have devised β€œThe Smart Optimized Asset Retrofit (SOAR) Program,” - an end-to-end turnkey solution that brings plant assessment, technology upgrades, real-time module level monitoring, increased fire safety, lower O&M costs, and financing to owners of under-performing PV plants. SOAR will help to increase the asset value of the PV plant and maximize ROI, without a large upfront financial outlay. 

Our management team is comprised of individuals that have a thorough understanding of global investing, renewable technologies, and sound financial management. We aim to provide our clients with strategies and mechanisms to understand and manage risks, elevate asset values, and drive maximum returns while maintaining the three pillars of sustainability. 

Smart solar technology

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