​​InSolPark is committed to optimizing your Solar PV assets for maximum generation efficiency and superior long term return on your solar investment.

Project History

InSolPark prides itself in generating creative solutions for the needs of its clients with an overarching goal of providing practical and sustainable approaches to the development process of global renewable energy programs and technologies. Below is a partial list of projects in which InSolPark was engaged:

Project:  160 MW Utility-size Project in Southern California

Client: IPP

Date:  2012

Services rendered:  Advisory services to breaking up the project in smaller units to reduce upfront permitting and interconnection cost.  Lined up development funding for two project tranches with a financial entity that wrapped development, project financing and term financing in one package for each tranche.

Project:  Sale and Transfer of (4) 4.8 MW PV Plants under construction in Italy

Client:  IPP and Investor

Date: 2010

Services:  Represented German investor (purchaser of plants). Undertook due diligence of plants under construction, assessed risks and determined earliest revenue generation

Project:  Sale of 6 Portfolios totaling of 4.8 MW of residential PV systems (Southwestern US)

Client:  Developer/Owner of Portfolios.

Date: 2012/13

Services:  Retained by developer/owner to dispose of the 6 portfolios.  Placed portfolios with a European entity; structured sale of portfolios in such a way that European entity took on majority interest in portfolios thereby retaining the developer/owner’s ITC status. In return European entity took a minority stake in the development company, providing funding for 3 MW backlog that developer/owner had accumulated.

Project:  Proposed Geothermal Facility, Southwestern US

Client:  IPP

Date 2011

Services:  Originally retained by the client to find development funding, primarily for steam reservoir assessment and analysis of a 50 sq mi area, with the purpose of defining  the geothermal project.  Creatively combined two non-correlating activities:  Negotiated with the development arm of a solar module OEM the co-development of a 25 MW PV plant in the area to finance geothermal project development.  Negotiated with a global exploration/drilling company the funding for the steam reservoir analysis in return for an ownership stake in the geothermal plant.  Project was abandoned due to IPP filing for insolvency.

Project:  Market Analysis of the USA Renewable Energy Market, USA

Client: An EU based solar and renewable energy developer and investor. 

Date: Fall 2013

Services: Retained by client to create a market study on the renewable energy market in the USA, including Solar, Wind, and Biogas. The study included projections of market size and growth through 2018, the regulatory environment in each sector, and introductions to leading companies, developers, investors, US service providers, and projects.