​​InSolPark is committed to optimizing your Solar PV assets for maximum generation efficiency and superior long term return on your solar investment.

InSolPark has conducted extensive due diligence on all of the technologies that offer solutions for solar plant under-performance.

This research led us to Tigo Energy – a manufacturer of a class-leading technology that optimizes the energy output of operating PV plants. "Class leading" is a misnomer as the Tigo Energy solution is truly in a class all its own. No other solution offers the same quality, longevity, performance, cost effectiveness, or reliability in an optimization retrofit capacity. 

As part of our SOAR Program, InSolPark evaluated the many Tigo Energy benefits:

Tigo energy optimizer   Benefits

retrofit Optimization


Technical Compatibility




Still Not Convinced?

Watch This Short Video to Learn More About Tigo Energy Solutions. 

Proven, Bankable, Smart Technology

 ​A Solution that maximizes function, quality, and cost

About Tigo Energy

Tigo Energy is a Silicon Valley company founded in 2007 by a team of experienced technologists.  Combining a unique systems-level approach with expertise in semi-conductors, power electronics, and solar energy the Tigo Energy team developed the first generation Smart Module Optimizer technology for the solar industry.


  • Technology Neutral – No existing PV Plant modifications necessary.
  • Full Technology Compatibility - Allows for “mix & match” of components
  • No effect on existing component warranties
  • Approved by all major inverter manufacturers
  • Over one million operational in the field on new solar modules
  • Tigo Energy operational since 2007
  • Cost effective design - Simple and fast installation
  • No need to curtail full operations during installation
  • No replacement of existing equipment
  • Smart technology adds real time data and reduces O&M costs
  • Module level diagnostics reduces downtime and Mean Time To Respond (MTTR)
  • Unsurpassed safety - Arc and fire hazard mitigation including module level automated          shutdown  

The Tigo Energy

Smart Optimization Technology

Gives You the Following Benefits:

  • Increased Energy Production

  • Better Financial Performance

  • Enhanced Fire Safety

  • Asset Management with Lower O&M Costs


InSolPark service offering includes “The Smart Optimized Asset Retrofit (SOAR) Program”. SOAR is an end-to-end turnkey solar plant optimization solution that brings solar plant assessment, solar technology upgrades, real-time solar module level monitoring, increased solar plant fire safety, lower solar O&M costs, and solar plant project financing to owners of under-performing, degrading, aging, and failing solar PV plants. SOAR will help to increase the asset value of the PV plant and maximize solar ROI, without a large upfront financial outlay. 

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