​​InSolPark is committed to optimizing your Solar PV assets for maximum generation efficiency and superior long term return on your solar investment.


Daniel Hoffmann


Co-Founder and Chief Executive, President and Chairman of the Board


  • International global corporate operations
  • Alternative energy, cleantech, climate change and sustainability
  • Engineering, Construction Management and Risk Management
  • Risk Finance and Structured Finance


In 2010, Daniel co-founded InSolPark with the idea to bring innovative financial and technical solutions to the renewable energy industry.  Daniel has managed the firm since its inception; he is the thought-leader behind the SOAR (Smart Optimized Asset Retrofit) program.


Daniel has a highly diversified background.  Originally a civil engineer and construction manager, Daniel grew from engineering leadership positions for Dames and Moore and Radian Corporation, advising institutional investor in clean-up and redevelopment of environmentally impacted properties, to international business leadership.  As of 1991, he managed Radian’s German subsidiary and expanded Radian’s presence in Europe by acquiring companies in France and Spain and shaping successful Joint Ventures in Germany, Austria and Italy.


While in Europe, Daniel’s professional interest increasingly focused on the effects of Climate Change-enhancing emissions on the atmosphere, oceans and the ensuing weather patterns.  Daniel became an early proponent of Climate Change, exploring ways to reduce carbon and methane emissions.


His global awareness and knowledge of environmental and climate change issues led in 1999 to his appointment as head of the global business unit ‘Environmental Solutions’ at Swiss Re’s alternative risk transfer group.  Initially, he developed risk financed-based solutions for large corporate legacy (contaminated property liability) risks.  Increasingly, he turned to the field of carbon risk and Climate Change, an emerging risk for Global 200 companies.  He introduced the concept of mitigating long term climate change-related risks of the reinsurance industry and its clients by investing into renewable energy. He spearheaded a renewable energy fund, leading in 2007 to Swiss Re’s European Clean Energy Fund.


In a further career shift, Daniel turned to entrepreneurialism, building Pacific Risks, a risk management boutique consulting firm for the real estate development industry. Adapting to economic realities, the firm gradually branched into cleantech and renewable energy, advising real estate entities of the benefit of renewable energy on underperforming real estate assets.  In 2008, Daniel started to focus in-depth on renewable energy, leading to the founding of InSolPark.


Daniel holds a Master of Engineering and a BS in Civil Engineering and Construction Management from the University of California at Berkeley.  He resides in Southern California

Tom Machinchick, MBA


Chief Operating Officer


  • Energy and Energy Economics
  • Information Systems, Energy Management Systems
  • Trading & Structured Finance - Hedge Fund Industry
  • Corporate Management and Advisor to medium size and start-up enterprises


Tom joined InSolPark in October 2013.  He has been instrumental in the development of InSolPark’s SOAR (Smart Optimized Asset Retrofit) Program which uses technology and software to optimize PV plant generation capacity.  Tom comes from a highly diverse background which makes him an excellent co-leader of InSolPark and the SOAR program.


With a Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Information Systems, he started as a software engineer for UNISYS and Computer Sciences Corporation, Inc. (CSC) working on DOD software systems for the US Navy which included submarine detection aircraft, Seawolf submarines, NEXRAD weather RADAR, and DOD logistics systems. He grew into management positions furthering the software development and process certification efforts on these projects. 


Shifting career goals, Tom became a senior executive and managing director of a UBS Bank-owned high frequency statistical arbitrage hedge fund, followed by being COO for a forex hedge fund.  With increasing regulation of the hedge fund industry, Tom was key in bringing these hedge funds into regulatory compliance, while concurrently raising capital and reorganizing operations.


Tom developed his entrepreneurial side and founded a start-up firm, Optimal Trading Technologies, an algorithmic trade execution firm.  He raised capital for the development of sophisticated trading algorithms serving a unique market niche.  He sold the company and made his knowledge of financial start-up companies available on a consultative basis, working with numerous other start-up and early stage businesses. In this capacity, Tom has written award winning business plans, successfully raised grant and investment monies, and helped his consulting clients gain market traction in their respective industries.


Most recently, Tom successfully combined finance, information technology and his experience with energy related topics to became a highly respected senior industry analyst working for strategic consulting companies, such as Navigant Consulting, Pike Research, and Manifest Mind.  He is an expert on Energy Management Systems, Building Information Modeling and data infrastructure management technologies and market dynamics, which is reflected in his numerous industry publications. 


Tom holds a MBA from La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA and a BS in Information systems from King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  He resides in Springfield, PA.

Juergen Habermeier, PhD


Co-Founder and Senior Advisor, formerly President


  • International senior global corporate operations executive
  • Material Science, Carbon Fiber Composites, Polymer recycling
  • Advisor to private equity companies
  • Former affiliate professor for polymer composites, University of Washington


Juergen recently stepped down as president of InSolPark to pursue his passions in recycling polymers as part of waste minimization, and antique cars.


Originally a polymer scientist, Juergen grew from research leadership positions in Ciba-Geigy to international business leadership, building and directing Ciba Composites, one of the 14 divisions of Ciba-Geigy. After merging his division with Hexcel Corporation in 1995 forming the largest worldwide manufacturer of composite materials with operations in 12 countries, he served on the Hexcel Board of Directors as President and COO and as Vice-Chairman. He was instrumental in expanding Hexcel’s global capabilities in existing and new markets, such as aerospace, wind energy, automotive – all applications in need of weight reduction for energy savings.


After leaving Hexcel he worked with major private equity companies such as Morgan Stanley; Clayton, Dubillier & Rice; Devonshire Holdings, providing consultations on deals and business strategy in the chemical, polymer and composites fields.


In 2008, Juergen co-founded InSolPark and was instrumental in developing its capabilities.  He was a director and officer until becoming Senior Advisor in July 2014.


Juergen holds a PhD (Dr. rer.nat) in Polymer Science and Technology and a Diploma (BS) in chemistry from the University of Stuttgart, Germany, from where he graduated summa cum laude.  He resides in Danville, California